Leia McElhone:


My visit this sex shop was brilliant! The service was off the charts, and the staff made me feel like a freakin' VIP. They helped me find exactly what I needed and made the whole experience fun and comfortable. Highly recommend this place!
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Will Keys:


It was my first time buying toys, and the staff was very welcoming! They are welcoming, knowledgeable and carry a wide array of exciting high-quality products!
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Brent Duke:


Wow what can I say. They met me like they knew me. They knew i was nervous, scared and didn't know what or how to ask about things. They put me at ease with my inquiry and I will be back again. I feel this will be my store of choice in Singapore.
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Chas Samuelson:


Was here twice, the first time I felt uptight and quickly left. The second time I was prepared, asked questions and got what I wanted without any nervousness from the helpful, knowledgeable staff. Don't be afraid is my advice, very professional and non-judgmental.
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Vincent Livingston:


Super friendly environment! I received so many helpful suggestions and recommendations and left with more tHan I originally intended to buy! That’s just great customer service 😌😌😌 will totally come again!
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William Wong:


Absolutely amazing customer service! This store was so clean and the ladies working are so friendly!
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Kyle Le:


Great store with a great variety! It seems like it just opened, looks brand new. The manager was so helpful, friendly and knew so much about all the products I was interested in, and took a lot of time to help me choose. Thank you for making my shopping experience awesome!!!
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I like coming back to this shop. Everyone is always friendly and in good mood. There are a lot of products and the prices are ok. Good shop
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William Cramer:


Everytime I've gone I've been met with very helpful customer service and adivse. Perfect place to pick up some fun for me and the lady friend.
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James Crawford:


I have ordered from them a few times. Always received excellent service. I will be shopping with them again soon.
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Mervin Roxas:


Seriously one of the best shops for any of your kinky need. They have pretty cool stuff. I love coming here. Good experience every time.
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Matthew Cuervo:


We stopped in for some toys about a week ago. Fantastic selection of products. Great customer service as well. I appreciate how well-kept & organized their location is.
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Fai He:


Prices in shop are good
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Manchu Kuo:


(Translated by Google) The last time I came to Hong Kong and strolled to Wanchai, I went to the bridge at Golden Bauhinia Square to see this sex toy shop. Which big red light box is really eye-catching!

(Original) 上次来到香港到湾仔逛逛,走去金紫荆广场那条天桥时看到这一间情趣用品店。哪大大的红色灯箱真的挺抢眼的!
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Bo Tsao:


Excellent service as always. Thank you
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Kevin K. Rogers:


Love this store, friendly staff and always able to meet my needs! Thanks so much guys
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Barbara Thompson:


Really friendly staff, good range of products and advice. Me and my partner visited and would recommend. For sure we're coming back.
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Evan Stuart:


Been here a few times with the wife. Clean place, professional employees. Plenty of things we want to buy so every so often we get one or two things.
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Jian Hsueh:


(Translated by Google) Although there are such goods in China, but such a large-scale department is the first time I saw. The clerk recommended several different toys to me to try, those aircraft cup is really cool to not! Will be free to go again!

(Original) 虽说国内都有这类货品,但系这么大规模的我都是第一次见到。店员向我推荐几个不同的玩具回去试试,那些飞机杯真的是爽到不行!有空会再去走走!
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Tw Ainfomedia:


(Translated by Google) Take Toys in Sham Shui Po, currently in Jordan and Sham Shui Po have a branch. Sham Shui Po shop is also very convenient transportation and good looking !! shops, subway station Exit C1, a look back on Keyixiandao The store's brightly lit, spacious, title and electric massage stick is very complete, variety, Store two female staff looks sweet, very amiable attitude - can be the perfect answer any questions. Because the boss is operated by the Russian people, so the shop has a lot of sex toys from abroad. If you / u usually more like ocean bowel, or heavy taste, this is definitely not the same comparison can be found in toys !!

(Original) Take Toys 位於深水埗, 目前於佐敦與深水埗各有一家分店. 深水埗店交通便利!! 店鋪也十分好找, 地鐵站C1出口一回頭就可以見到 店內的燈光明亮, 空間寬敞, 名器與電動按摩棒十分齊全, 種類繁多, 店內兩位女性職員長相甜美, 態度十分和善可親~ 任何問題都能完美解答. 由於營運的老闆是俄羅斯人, 因此店內有不少來自外國的情趣用品. 如果你/妳平時比較喜愛洋腸, 或是比較重口味, 這裡絕對可以找到比較不一樣的玩具!!
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Queen Chang:


I really liked the shop!Big and nice toys
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Alina Burtseva:


I liked the shop, unusual products and have Erotic museum inside. Bought some sexy presents for my friends.
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Cindi Lounsbury:


Since this was my first time shopping for something like this it was not easy entering the shop but to my surprise, an employee noticed I was overwhelmed so she approached me and asked if there is any way she can help me with. What a relief it was! I explained what I am interested in and she helped me with my choice. Happy times! I will definitely come back for more!
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Karamat Adeel:


I love this place. Its beautiful and good place. Cool
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Radbert Chan:

Friendly and competent Customer Service. I decided to change the product after my order payment and they did it fast and efficiently.
Wide product range of different brands from all over the globe is also quite impressive, had a feeling like I am in real supermarket. Park&Shop for adults:)
I will definitely shop again, they bring regularly new products and brands and have in total around 8,000 models almost for any case.



價錢合理! 服務態度好好,快速能回答問題。

Carol Leung:

Really nice shops with friendly staffs and a lot of toys and brands. I've never been in sex toy supermarket before. Great that I can test and choose any toy in one shop from virtual reality to more basic stuffs. 

Nadia Smith:

Everything was totally discreet. Appreciate it so much, I definitely don't want my colleagues are aware of my order. The toys were packed in ordinary SF Express package, the invoice under the name of normal limited company without any associations with something sexual had only total amount and no product names or descriptions.
Frankly, I was worried about any information leaking or inappropriate package or invoice, but everything was carefully thought-out and absolutely private.