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For various reasons, a man can lose that rock-hard erection they once enjoyed. Rather than getting sad, get a tube of stimulation for men. These creams have special ingredients that boost blood flow to the penis for harder erection and improved stamina. Stimulation for men can lead to improved sensations too. Ride her till she screams out your name.
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Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60ml

Pjur Superhero Energizing Glide - 100ml

Pjur Superhero Energizing Glide - 30ml

SSI Beast God Fierce Tiger Cream - 12g

SSI Black Thick Demon Erection Cream - 12g

T-Best MAX Erection Cream - 10g

SSI The Pole of the Great Overlord Cream - 12g

Pjur Man Steel Gel - 50ml

Secret Play Liquid Vibrator Unisex - 15ml

SSI Big Cock Expansion Pole Cream - 12g

SSI Emperor Legendary Pole Cream - 12g

INTT Vibration! Ice Tingling Gel - 15ml

Shunga Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss Strawberry - 10ml

Hot Men Spanish Fly Creme - 30ml

Skins Powerect Cream - 48ml

INTT Vibration! Vodka Energy Tingling Gel - 15ml

Hot Men V-Activ Penis Power Cream - 50ml

Shunga Geisha's Secrets Set Strawberry

Intimate Earth MOJO Natural Prostate Stimulating Gel - 30ml

INTT Vibration! Bubble Gum Tingling Gel - 15ml

Shunga Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss Coconut - 10ml

Shunga Naughty Geisha Kit w Toy

Boners Erection Cream - 100ml

Shunga Geisha's Secrets Set Green Tea

Shiatsu Penis Power Spray Japanese Mint & Bamboo - 30ml

Intimate Earth Mojo Penis Stimulation Gel - 30ml

Tokyo Design Kindan Black Ginger Habu Power

Tokyo Design Kindan Plus Black Ginger Habu Power

Hot Men Active Power Spray Men - 50ml

INTT Greek Kiss Stimulating Massage Gel - 15ml

Shiatsu Penis Power Cream Japanese Mint & Bamboo - 30ml

NPG Black Panther Men's Cream - 10ml

Kiss Me Love Strong Zett Long Stamina Men's Cream - 10g

Kiss Me Love Strong Zett Power Up Men's Cream - 10g

Spartan Virility & Intensifying Vegan Cream - 40ml