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These set of sex toys will make you crave for double penetration even more! Experience anal and vaginal toys like you’ve never been before. Realistic doll, pussy masturbator, big hip vibrator and double hole are a great addition to your adult products shelves. Beautiful and voluptuous curves, gorgeous lips, inner flesh, identical to a real lady. What more could you possibly ask for?
Check out these popular Double Hole Masturbators brands: Kokos, KMProduce, Ondo, Rends, Tenga.
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Tenga Double Hole Cup

Ondo NUPU2 Double Side Masturbator Mouth and Pussy

Kokos Victoria - Real Doll

Kokos Valentina - Real Doll

Ondo MOCO Masturbator Vagina and Anal

Kokos Hera 3 - Real Doll

Kokos Veronia - Real Doll

Kokos Sara - Mini Doll w/Vibrator

EXE Angelic Twin Hole Rearu - Masturbator

Zolo DP Stroker - Masturbator

Lovetoy Training Master Double Side Stroker Pussy&Anus

Tenga US Double Hole Cup

Leeko Diamond II Red Double-Sided Masturbation Cup - Pussy & Mouth

Rends Squishy Sister

CEN Travel Gripper B.J. & Ass - Pink

Men's Max Smart Double Cup - Yellow

Rends A10 Cyclone SA Original Masturbator Double

Kokos Victoria - Real Doll w/Vibrator

Kokos Valentina - Real Doll w/Vibrator

EXE Cabaret Blue Mara Masturbator

CEN Travel Gripper B.J. & Pussy - Purple

Lovetoy Training Master Double Side Stroker Mouth&Pussy

Chisa Happy Cup Mouth & Ass Masturbator - Blue

Chisa Happy Cup Pussy & Ass Masturbator - Purple