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The Perfect Wingman for You with Your Partner
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06 September
They say “Three is a crowd”, right? Well, not with these toys
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The Power of Two Fleshlifhts to Turbocharge Your Sexlife
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23 August
Today we bring you the power of two fleshlights in one to turbocharge your sex life!
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Goddess-Themed Toy for Your Endless Pleasure
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09 August
Egyptian Goddess Bastet is known to bring fertility and happiness to women. 
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Explore New Pleasure Realms with Obsessive + Free Gift
At TakeToys we are always looking for ways for partners to spice up their sex life.
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Maintain Sex Toy Hygiene for Maximum Pleasure

If tossing your sex toy into its pouch after every use is what you do, trust me, you are not alone. 

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Taketoys X Wanta: Toysheart Onahole Maintenance Kit
Hello everyone!
Today we're gonna introduce the Toysheart Onahole Maintenance Kit

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Taketoys X Wanta: Svakom Benedict Double Ring
So how it use? How it should be worn?

Double ring is designed for prolonged enjoyment. The diameter of the inner ring is 3.5 cm. Which is not too small. If it is too small, it is too tight to wear. The vibration will be much stronger. And thus you might feel uncomfortable.

The cock ring is designed to be looser, comfortable. Very stretchy. The head end is bent upwards which can effectively stimulate your perineum. 

There are 5 different vibration levels for you to choose. It is controlled with one button. Simply click the button once and vibrates stronger. Click again and it's back to the weakest power.

For those who love strong stimulation. It will difinitely satisfy you. Two bumps helps to fit the penis better. If you want more tight, also apply an extra smaller.

Come and visit our stores and choose the cock ring that suit you.
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Taketoys X Wanta: R-20 Third Generation Masturbator
We have talked about the R-20 Mastutbators for many years. Today let me introduce once again. 

Since the third generation was launched. There has not been a new generation of R-20 for a long time. 

Becouse it is combaines the advanteges of the other two generations. I think it's ultimate version of the R-20.  
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