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Perfect sex happens when the mind and body are working in unison. Candles create a romantic atmosphere for relaxation and arousal, but these are no ordinary candles. As they burn, their wax melts into massage oil that soothes the body and mood. Watch your partner melt into the depth of passion and beg you to have them most exotically.
Check out our popular candle brands: ShungaDonaBijoux IndiscretsPetits JoujouxKama Sutra
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Shunga Aphrodisia Massage Candle Rose Petals - 30ml

Shunga Desire Massage Candle Vanilla Fetish - 30ml

Chisa Low Temperature Sensuous Candle Set

Shunga Romance Massage Candle Sparkling Strawberry Wine - 30ml

Shunga Libido Massage Candle Exotic Fruits - 30ml

Dona Kissable Soy Massage Candle Chocolate Mousse - 135g

Dona Kissable Soy Massage Candle Strawberry Souffle - 135g

Dona Soy Massage Candle Naughty Sinful Spring - 135g

Shunga Zenitude Massage Candle Exotic Green Tea - 30ml

Shunga Excitation Massage Candle Intoxicating Chocolate - 30ml

Petits Joujoux Massage Candle Rome Grapefruit - 120g

Dona Soy Massage Candle Sassy Tropical Tease - 135g

Dona Kissable Soy Massage Candle Vanilla Buttercream - 135g

Surprise Sex Box For Couples

Petits Joujoux Candle Rome Refill Grapefruit - 33g

Shunga Zenitude Massage Candle Exotic Green Tea - 170ml

A One Low Temperature Candles - Large

Petits Joujoux Massage Candle London Mint - 120g

Petits Joujoux Candle Paris Refill Vanilla - 33g

Petits Joujoux Candle London Refill Mint - 33g

Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Candle Wild Strawberry - 70ml

Bijoux Cosmetiques Massage Candle Soft Caramel - 70ml

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Kama Sutra Lovers Travel Kit

Petits Joujoux Massage Candle Paris Vanilla - 120g