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With heavy flows, even pads may leave stains. Menstrual cups & tampons are like safety on your trigger that prevents any form of menstrual accidents. They are reusable, which makes them environmental-friendly and a complete game changer.
Tampons are even more exciting because you will still be able to have sex while wearing them. Now, you will always be in the mood!
Check out these popular menstrual cups & tampons brands: BeppyFun FactoryIntiminaJoy Division
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Intimina Ziggy Cup

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Size B(Reusable Menstrual Cup)

Beppy Soft & Comfort Dry Tampons 2's Pack

Intimina Lily Cup Original Size B (Reusable Menstrual Cup)

Cottons Tampons Regular 16's Pack

MT Menstrual Cup L - Pink

Fun Factory Fun Cup B - Grape

Beppy Soft & Comfort Dry Tampons 8's Pack

Always Classic Normal With Wings 10's Pack

Ultrex Ultra Plus With Wings 280mm 8's Pack

Tampax Compak Super Plus 18's Pack

MT Menstrual Cup S - Purple

Fun Factory Fun Menstrual Cup Explore Kit

Mae B Menstrual Cups Size S - Pink

Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 Size B

Gvibe Gcup - Mystic Noir

Formoonsa Menstrual Cup Standard 20ml

Formoonsa Menstrual Cup 2G Soft Conical 42ml

Mae B Menstrual Cups Size L - Red

Intimina Ziggy Cup 2 Size A

MT Menstrual Cup S - Pink

MT Menstrual Cup L - Purple

Tampax Compak Super 18's Pack

Tampax Compak Regular 18's Pack