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Anticipation can help to build up the passion burning beneath your skin considering the fact that humans are naturally curious. That longing to know what comes next can be the secret to renewing your sexual urge.
Choose from a range of eye mask made of different materials and designs knowing that they are comfortable. Relax because you don’t know what comes up next.
Check out these popular eye mask brands: StrictFifty Shades of GreyObsessiveGreygasmsRianne S
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MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

Liebe Seele Bound You Bondage Set 12pcs - Black

Liebe Seele Vivid Sky Bondage Set 8 pcs - Blue

MT Plain Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Pink

Liebe Seele Vivid Rainbow Bondage Set 8 pcs - Purple

Easytoys Satin Eye Mask - Black

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Teaser Kit - Black

Obsessive A700 Mask - Black

Me Seduce Eye Mask OP005 - Black

Sportsheets Midnight Lace Blindfold - Black

Fetish Fantasy Lovers Fantasy Kit - Black

Ohyeah Lace Eye Mask - Black

Obsessive Satinia Mask - Black

Obsessive A701 Mask - Black

Easytoys Satin Eye Mask - Red

Obsessive Amor Blanco Mask - White

NS Novelties Renegade Blindfold - Black

Easytoys Satin Eye Mask - Pink

Me Seduce Eye Mask OP013 - Black

Sex&Mischief Satin Blindfold - Black

Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You Blindfold - Black