A brand created by women, for women, to provide a delectable experience unlike any other.A fun, safe way to treat your body to the luxurious sensations it seeks.A new beginning in pleasure for women.
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Iroha Umeanzu Mini Massager - Plum/Apricot

Iroha Soramikan Mini Massager - Sky/Orange

Iroha Plus Kushinezumi Massager

Iroha Plus Yorukujira Massager - Black

Iroha Rin Hanekogane

Iroha Hanamidori Massager - Pink

Iroha Plus Kushinezumi Massager Nadeshiko

Iroha Yukidaruma Massager - White

Iroha Hinasakura Massager - Pink

Iroha Plus Ringotori Massager

Iroha Zen Hanacha - Pink

Iroha Hanamidori Massager - Green

Iroha Rin Takeakane

Iroha Mizu-Temari Massager

Iroha Yukidaruma Massager - Nadeshiko Pink

Iroha Plus Yorukujira Massager - Nadeshiko Pink

Iroha Fit Minamozuki Massager - Nadeshiko Pink

Iroha Hana-Temari Massager