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Oof! Want an exciting and drooling pet play? Muffling voices, leash dragging, dehumanizing and humiliating the wearer... these mouth straps will make your dream come to fruition, no matter you're the master or the pet.
Check out these popular brands: Master SeriesStrictChisaEasytoysLiebe Seele
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Chisa Gag Doggie Bone Bit - Black

Tailz Puppy Play Set - Black

Chisa Gag Doggie Bone Bit - Red

Theatre Bit Bone Gag - Black

Roomfun Silicone Locking Bit Gag w Chain - Black

Strict Padded Blindfold & Gag Set - Black

Toynary SM44 Silicone Bone Gag L - White

Easytoys Bit Gag - Black

Master Series Silicone Bone Gag - White

Strict Silicone Bit Gag - Black

Strict Leather Locking Silicone Bit Trainer Gag - Black

Master Series Equine Silicone Bit Gag w/ Nipple Clamps - Black

Chisa Fully Restrain You Lover Set - Black

Liebe Seele Shibari Rope Gag