Step into the garden of love and lust.With its many seducing aspects you will be enticed to enjoy and play.Nurturing erotic products of the SHiATSU series to captivate the senses on all levels, awaken the body‘s awareness, increase the susceptibility for tenderness and body contact.Experience the aphrodisiacal scents, vitalising aromas, stimulating perfumes.Become the ceremony master on your journey in the garden of love.
You can find products of SHiATSU in the following categories: For Massage, For Bath, Edible Lubes, Pheromones, Sexual Enhancers
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Shiatsu Love Edible Lubricant - White Tea & Peach - 75ml

Shiatsu Body Oil Luxury Green Tea & Tangerine - 75ml

Shiatsu Anal Relax Cream Beginners - 50ml

Shiatsu Love Edible Lubricant - Mango & Green Tea - 75ml

Shiatsu Massage Oil Sensual Jasmin - 250ml

Shiatsu Body Oil Luxury Raspberry & Apple - 75ml

Shiatsu Anal Relax Spray Beginners - 50ml

Shiatsu Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 Silky Touch - 200ml

Shiatsu Love Edible Lubricant - Strawberry - 75ml

Shiatsu Love Edible Lubricant - Japanese Mint - 75ml

Shiatsu Vagina Tightening Spray - 50ml

Shiatsu Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 Strawberry - 200ml

Shiatsu XXL Cream - 50ml

Shiatsu Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 Amber - 200ml

Shiatsu Body Oil Luxury Vanilla - 75ml

Shiatsu Women Intim Stimulation Gel Cherry - 30ml

Shiatsu Love Edible Lubricant - Raspberry - 75ml

Shiatsu Love Lubricant Edible Acerola Cherry - 75ml

Shiatsu Delay Spray - 15ml

Shiatsu Women Stimulation Cream - 50ml

Shiatsu Women Intim Stimulation Gel Hot Chili - 30ml

Shiatsu Body Oil Luxury Coconut & Pineapple - 75ml

Shiatsu Massage Oil Extase Orange & Sandalwood - 100ml

Shiatsu Love Glide Water-Based - 100ml

Shiatsu Massage Candle Sandalwood 130g

Shiatsu Massage Candle Patchouli 130g

Shiatsu Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 Raspberry - 200ml

Shiatsu Massage Erotic Jasmin & Argan Oil - 100ml

Shiatsu Massage Stimulation Lotus & Coconut Oil - 100ml

Shiatsu Body Oil Luxury Apricot & Sea Buckthorn - 75ml

Shiatsu Delay Cream Eucalyptus - 30ml

Shiatsu Women Stimulation Spray - 30ml

Shiatsu Penis Power Spray Japanese Mint & Bamboo - 30ml

Shiatsu Massage Seductive Ylang Ylang & Wheat Germ Oil - 100ml

Shiatsu Massage Sensual Indian Rose & Almond Oil - 100ml