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Penis sleeves and extenders are male sex toys that will allow you to artificially increase the thickness and lenght of your penis. You will have the opportunity to give more satisfaction to your partner while delaying your ejaculation by the same time. To make sex more interesting for your partner, slip on a penis sleeve and give more internal stimulation.
Get started and check out these reputable brands: Kokos, Mode Design, A-One, Size Matters, Boss

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Lovetoy Flawless Penis Sleeve Add 2'' - Clear

Chisa Penis Sleeve Kits - Clear

Boss Erect Sleeve L - Black

Lovetoy Flawless Penis Sleeve Add 1'' - Clear

Boss GIGA Sleeve L

Mister B Cock & Ball Sheath w Dots - Black

Boss GIGA Sleeve LL

Lovetoy X-Tender Penis Sleeve 7.5" - Flesh

Master Series Fuk Tool Penis Sheath and Ball Stretcher - Black

Chisa Quad-play Cock Ring - Black

Drywell Flower City Square Sleeve - Clear

Size Matters 1.5" Penis Enhancer Sleeve - Clear

Lovetoy X-Tender Penis Sleeve 6.8" - Flesh

Chisa Swirls Sleeve - Clear

Chisa Mighty Sleeve With Ball Loop - Clear

Chisa 5th Cock Ring - Black

Boners Supporting Penis Sleeve - Clear

Chisa Renegade Power Cage - Clear

Chisa Nubby Sleeve - Clear

Size Matters 2" Extender Sleeve - Clear

VirilXL V7 Penis Extender - Flesh

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Standard - Clear

Chisa Nubby Sleeve - Grey

Boss Soft G Short Sleeve

Drywell Sword Fighter Sleeve - Clear

XLover Realistic Penis Extender Sleeve - Black

Size Matters 3" Penis Enhancer Sleeve - Clear

Chisa Double Girth Cages - Clear

Mode Design Fit Ring - Top - Milky white

Chisa Vibrating Sleeve Enhancer - Clear

Size Matters Enhancer Sex Sleeve - Clear

Trinity Vibes Pleasure Penis Enhancement 4 Pack - Clear

Chisa Mighty Sleeve With Ball Loop - Black

Chisa Penis Sleeve Kits - Black

XLover Penis Extender Sleeve - Black