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These tail anal plugs collection is perferct for novices as well as for the more experienced users in anal games. Their visual appearance will add even more fancy to your anal sex sessions. The tail will turn your partner into a wild animal if you would fancy to see your loved one wearing it.  It will certanly increase the intensity of your orgasms.
Get started and check out these reputable brands: Tailz, Metal Temptation, S&M Essentials, Master Series.
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MT Screwed Tail Plug with Cat Ears - Dark Grey

MT Vibro Tail Plug - White

MT Tail Plug w Ears, Collar & Clamps - Pink/Black

Easytoys Fox Tail Plug - Grey

MT Tail Plug w Cat Ears - Pink/White

Chisa Foxy Anal Tail Plug - Brown

MT Tail Plug w Cat Ears - Black/White

Easytoys Bunny Tail Plug - White

Chisa Tantalizing Foxy Anal Plug - Grey

ToDo Sweet Bunny Anal Plug - White

Erotist Fourth Prostate Massager - Black

Chisa Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug - Brown

ToDo Sweet Bunny Anal Plug - Purple