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How far do you think you can go to obtain unconventional pleasure? Urethral sounds are long slender toys made of either silicone or aluminum for you to play with yourself. Some are connected to an electric source so that they deliver pulsating and tingling sensation that will literally blow your mind away. Some feelings are better experienced than explained.

Check out these popular urethral sound brands: Master SeriesMystimMetal Tempation
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MT Penis Plug 73mm

Master Series Dockers Silicone Urethral Sound Set - Flesh

MT Penis Plug 150mm

MT Urethral Sound 189mm

MT Urethral Sound 105mm

Sinner Gear Long Hollow Silicone Penis Plug - Black

MT Urethral Sound 103mm

Sinner Gear Silicone Penis Plug w Pull Ring - Black

MT Penis Plug 135mm

Sinner Gear Ribbed Hollow Silicone Penis Plug - Black

MT Penis Plug 75mm

MT Urethral Sound 45mm

Master Series Bolted Deluxe XL Urethral Sound Set - Black

Sinner Gear Hollow Silicone Penis Plug w Pull Ring - Black

Chisa Sprinkler Urethral Insert - Black

MT Urethral Sound 130mm