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1/F, 222 Geylang Road, Singapore

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About store and location:

The shop is located next to 7 Eleven convenience store and opposite Malay Mosque. Just a short ride from Aljunied MRT Station (EW9) on the East West Line: take Bus 62, 63, 80, 100, or 154, and get off after two stops.

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Places of interest at Geylang Taketoys

1. Explore the local markets 

Geylang is famous for its lively street markets selling everything from fresh produce to clothes and accessories. Take a stroll through the markets and let the surrounding smells, sights and sounds fully envelop you.


2. Try the local cuisine

Geylang is known for its delicious food. Every foody will be thrilled to visit local restaurants serving a variety of dining options. From traditional Singaporean to International cuisine - everyone will find something here for his taste and budget.


3. Visit the famous Geylang Serai market

This popular market is a must-visit spot in Geylang. Located in the heart of the neighborhood, it will instantly catch your interest with its famous colorful stalls and abundance of shopping options. From food to souvenirs and clothes - this place has it all.


4. Explore the neighborhood's temples and mosques

Geylang is home to a number of beautiful temples and mosques, including the Masjid Sultan Mosque and the Kuan Yin Temple. Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the area by taking a guided tour or simply exploring on your own.


5. Relax in the local park

Geylang, among other things, can offer  some beautiful green areas for a pause from a busy street life. Geylang Park and the Alkaff Lake Garden can be perfect for an outdoor picnic or a quiet walk.