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Cock rings, cockrings or C- rings are one of the best sex toys out there for men. It’s a toy that not only increases pleasure for men, but also does the same for their partner and increases the overall quality of sex. Not only will a cock ring help your erection to stick around for longer, but it will also delay ejaculation. There is even an increased amount of pressure on your penis, which will heighten your sensitivity and will increase orgasms.
Get started and check out these reputable brands: California Exotic Novelties, Fun Factory, Metal Temptation, Mode Design.
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Toynary CR01 Normal Cock Rings - Black

Mode Design Silicone Ring Hard - Black

CEN Silicone Ball Spreader - Black

Toynary CR01 Normal Cock Rings - White

CEN Island Rings - Clear

Mode Design Fit Cock Ring - Clear Blue

Dorcel Adjust Pleasure Ring - Grey

CEN Maximizer Enhancer - Black

CEN Colt Snug Tugger - Black

CEN Crazy 8 Enhancer - Black

Master Series Crimson Tied Bolo Lasso Cock Ring - Black

CEN Rubber Ring - 3 Piece Set - Black

Boss Silicone Cock Tie

CEN Premium Silicone Ring Large - Clear

CEN Colt Silicone Super Rings - Black

CEN E-Z Cinch Silicone Lasso - Black

CEN Silicone Support Rings - Black

CEN Link Up Ultra-Soft Verge Ring - Black

Toynary CR01 Soft Cock Rings - White

Toynary CR02 Cock Rings - Black

Rends F Peni Ring M

SSI My Peace Wide Soft Ring M-size

Chisa Quad-play Cock Ring - Black

Boners Diamond Cock Ring - Grey

Chisa Cadiluck Cock Ring

The Screaming O The RingO - Black

CEN Premium Silicone Ring Medium - Clear

Boners Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher - Grey

Je Joue Silicone Cock Ring - Maximum Stretch - Black

Mode Design Super Cock Ring Starshape - Smoke

The Screaming O RingO 3 Pack - Black

Chisa Triangle++ Ring - Black

Lovetoy Power Plus Pro Rings - Black

Toynary CR03 Metal Ring 40mm